Submission Guidelines

Content / Format Guidelines: 

All submissions must abide by the following guidelines, dependent on category:

  • Nonfiction must be under 2,000 words.

  • Fiction must be under 2,500 words.

  • Poems must be under 3 typed pages double spaced. 

Each submission must be in its own file (i.e. please do not put three separate poems in a single .docx). Kindly attach all your submissions/files and email to querencia.litmag[at] The subject line should be formatted as [name] [category*] [title of piece].

*Categories include Nonfiction, Fiction, Poetry, Art, Photography 


**using your best judgment, should your work include graphic and/or distressing themes (e.g. any iteration of prejudice, self-harm, suicide, etc.), we ask that you include a content/trigger warning in the body of your email, but not the document itself. 

*** If you would like feedback, we kindly ask that you include your request in the subject line of your email and we are happy to provide our thoughts and constructive criticism. Please note that all feedback is subjective and may not align with your own views, but simply fits the preferences of our editors and the style of our publication.

Response Time:

All submissions will receive an automated response to confirm receipt. Please allow up to two weeks for a response. If you haven't received word back from us by then, you may send us a query.

Submissions by Category

We accept the following number of submissions: 

  • Nonfiction and Fiction: no more than two submissions per submission period. 

  • Poetry and Art: no more than three submissions per submission period. 

  • Photography: no more than five submissions per submission period.

Simultaneous Submissions

  • We accept simultaneous submissions.

  • We accept previously published work, just let us know where it was originally published and how they would like to be credited. 


  • If querencia decides to publish your work, we ask for the right to archive your work on all our website and social media platforms indefinitely (with proper credit). If your work appears elsewhere, credit querencia as the original publisher.

  • By submitting, you are allowing us the right to modify the accepted work in terms of phrasing, punctuation, word usage, spelling, and capitalization. 

  • By submitting, you are allowing us the right to include your work on our website, social media platforms, and in printed form. querencia retains no rights on submitted artwork and images.

  • All submissions must be wholly original. They cannot violate or infringe upon the copyright or privacy of any other person, company, or organization whatsoever. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. 

Black Slave- Moses Ojo.jpg
El Diablo George Alfaro.jpg

Black Slave by Moses Ojo

untitled by Christina May

El Diablo by George Alfaro